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Former professional wrestler, video gamer and avid comic book collector, Nate Nelson is a well-rounded geek. Nate graduated from the Illinois Center for Broadcasting and was hired as the producer for "Mackay in the Morning" show at a suburban Chicago radio station. While in radio, he found a passion for voice acting and audio production, occasionally taking on the role of Assistant Production Director at the station. In 2009, Nate moved to Baltimore and stepped in front of the camera as the co-host of the Baltimore based TV show Godamus Game Review. Since moving to Baltimore, Nate has been expanding his resume to include audio dramas, commercials, films and two other web series: Hamilton Street and Rebels and Rejects. He co-starred in Shotgun Mythos Season 1 as Gryson. He reprised his role in a cameo for Death of A Speaker, a Shotgun Mythos short film...and will be back in "World Without Sin", Season 2 of Shotgun Mythos.
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